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Single Board Computer in various versions

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3.5" Single Board Computer

  • Dimensions: 146 x 104mm

The most common size for industrial single-board computers / "all in one" PCs is 3,5 inches. Most 3,5" mainboards are equipped with digital I/O-interfaces which are perfectly suitable for machine control.

The SBC motherboards are equipped with following processors:

  • AMD®: G-Series, T40R, T40E, T56N and the new T16R
  • INTEL®: I7/5/3, N2600, N2800, E3845, E3827, J1900


PICO - smallest SBC

  • Dimensions: 100 x 72mm

Great performance - small dimensions. PICO Single Board Computers are well-known for their excellent size-performance ratio.

These small single-board-computers are available with single row connectors as well to be even slimmer.

The boards are only  provided with processors by Intel and AMD to guarantee best performance and durability.

  • INTEL: Atom, Celeron, E3827, E3845, N2600, N2800, i3, i5, i7, j1900, N4200
  • AMD: G-Series, T40R, T40E

NANO ITX Industrial

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 mm

Still not big but equipped with numerous interfaces. Nano single board computers are suitable for various industrial fields of applications where limited space is no obstacle.

This series is well-known for durable and reliable motherboards which are perfectly combinable with every kind of TFT panel.

available processors:

  • INTEL: J1900, N2807, E3827, E3845
  • AMD: T56N, T40R, T40E

Mini Industrial ITX

  • Dimensions: 170 x 170mm

It is the biggest type of single board computers but still a very small motherboard. One of the key aspects of this mainboard is the extreme fast and high-resolution graphic processing. That`s the reason why it is mostly used for gaming applications. Nevertheless is this board perfectly applicable in every area of use. The reason for this are the large number of interfaces and the strong processors. This single board PC is reliable and cost-effective.

available processors:

  • INTEL: i3, i5, i7, J1900, N3350, N3160
  • AMD: R-Series

Single Board Computers - reliable industrial machines

Single-Board Computers (SBC) are available in several variations but the main difference between single board PCs is the

  • Form Factor (mechanic dimensions)

Today’s technology makes it possible to mount high-performance CPUs on the smallest mainboards like a 3.5” board.

Every new single board computer is equipped with the newest processor technology to guarantee great performance combined with low energy consumption. Although most of the computers are certified for extended temperature range, they need no fan. The demands for industrial single-board computers concerning performance and ruggedness are very high. At the same time SBCs need to be flexible as well to cover every field of application.

SB computers are particularly developed for professional and industrial surroundings. Single board PCs are available in numerous sizes and equipment variants. They are perfectly combinable with our TFT panel technologies.  

  • Long-term deliverability

Long-term deliverability is – beside different form factors and processors – one of the most important aspects when it comes to SB computer boards. Long-term deliverability makes the applicator feel more save because future projects can be based on existing, long-term deliverable computer boards.

All single-board computers are developed and produced by our partner Axiomtek.

Risc / Arm Single Board Computer

iMX Freescale, Arm 9 /11, more information soon!

Single Board Computers combined with LCD panels

We compile for every application a fitting combination of single board computers and TFT display panels.

Our displays are also upgradeable with touch-screen functionality and are as same as the SBCs products by well-known manufacturers.

Every field of application has a fitting single board computer concerning size and functionality. It would be a favor for us to advise you to find the ideal SBC board.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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