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Exclusive Line - Industrial Monitors

Industrial Monitor with noble material and a chic look

Design and robustness are the main aspects of our Exclusive Line monitors – An eye-catcher for every application.

The most important central point, apart the excellent hardware, is the design. Our Exclusive monitors convince with high-quality materials, haptics and a waterproof, flat display surface. The Exclusive Line monitors can be compared to current high-quality Table PC`s in terms of operation and design in combination with industrial sturdiness. The series will exceed your expectations.

Exclusive Line – Characteristics

  • Elegant, noble design
  • Completely closed housing – no ventilation slots
  • Integration: VESA mounting or threaded bolts on the rear side for front mounting
  • Front: 8mm anodised aluminium, touchscreen (PCAP, touch window or printed glass) flush mounted – IP65
  • Rear side: powder coated sheet steel, IP54
  • Phoenix Power Connector, Amphenol USB Connector
  • Interfaces: VGA analogue, DVI and DisplayPort
Industrial VESA touch PC with premium components

Screen Sizes

15" - 1024x768 | 18,5", 21,5" and 24" with 1920x1080 pixels

Premium Industrial Monitor with IP65 rated flush-mounted front

The touchscreen (PCAP with 10 finger multi-touch), or the optional available antireflective glass cover with customised printing is flush-mounted to the high-quality silver anodized aluminium and hermetically sealed housing.

This setup makes it possible to reach an IP65 or even an optional IP67 rating. Another advantage of the flush-mounted touch screen is the easy and thorough cleansing without dirty edges. The circumferential chamfer of the aluminium frame underlines the high value of the Exclusive Monitor.

Exclusive vesa monitor with flush-mounted touchscreen and chamfer

Built-in Version

Our exclusive industrial monitors are also deliverable for panel mounting. For this, the threaded bolts are mounted on the back of the device, so that the front is completely free from screws for a perfect design. The monitors are equipped with a foam rubber sealing for a dust-proof installation in the front panel cut out.

VESA monitor with threaded bolts for an easy and uncomplicated front panel installation

Industrial Plug-In Connectors + Back Side IP50

For the power supply we use the widespread industrial Phoenix connector plug STL950/3G-5.0-H, the counter piece incorporating screw terminals is delivered with each monitor. The Exclusive Line is equipped with an Amphenol USB-Port for high data transfer rates.

The fanless computer board enables a housing without any ventilation slots, furthermore there is a sealing between the front and the back side of the industrial monitor. This makes our elegant Exclusive Line monitors suitable for rough surroundings.

Exclusive Line Monitors with VESA mounting

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