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Open Frame Display - A slim construction

Open Frame Monitors - smart & slim

The electronics of the open frame monitors are directly mounted on the original display itself, which is covered with galvanized metal. The VGA and DVI ports are applied “in-line” this fact allows this very slim design of the Open Frame Monitors. If you have limited space, an open frame monitor is the perfect solution for you!

The Mini Industry Displays are available from 10,4” with XGA resolution up to 19” with HD resolution. If you need a wide viewing angle and a high brightness the 12,1” monitor is the perfect solution for you.


All of our Open Frame TFT´s are perfectly designed for very limited industrial space conditions. These slim monitors work like the “normal” monitors except the fact they don´t have the standard VGA and DVI connector because of the thickness. The Open Frame Monitors have some single-breasted connectors for which are also DVI- or VGA-Adapters available.

You can´t find your recommended screen size or you need a special display ?

Ask for a customised Industry Open Frame LCD. (possible from 250 pcs. /year)

  • Basis: original LCD panel
  • Minimal dimensions
  • Cost-effective
  • >1 piece deliverable

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Advantages of Mini Open Frame TFT´s:

  • Extremely slim
  • Smallest dimensions
  • Dimensions original TFT display = Open Frame LCD
  • PSWG-LVDS LCD replaceable by our Open Frame devices
  • Mounting-Angles available
  • 15, 17 & 19” compatible to Samsung Smart Panel
  • German product
  • 24h tested

Very plane casing

In contrast to the “normal” Industry Monitors, the controlling unit is directly fitted on the TFT display. This enables the same measurements of the original LCD panel, except overall depth.

Single-row connectors

The thin architecture required a single-row array of the electrical ports. Of course all the needed adapter cables like VGA-analogue and DVI are also disposable. Every Monitor runs a 24 hours standard test, so a good and reliable application is guaranteed.

Accessories Open Frame Monitor

  • Power supply 230VAC/12VDC
  • Mounting brackets for direct panel mounting
  • Connection bracket with DVI or VGA-analogue
  • Connection cable (2m)

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