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TFT LCD Display Panels by well-known Manufacturers

distronik - Your professional partner for TFT panel systems

One of the main competences of distronik is the qualified consulting concerning TFT LCD panels and systems. Your company can profit from our competence. Our focus is based on customer-specific developed LCD displays for industrial usage under rough conditions. Several LCD TFT panels are also available as sets with RGB-controlling (DVI + DisplayPort as well) and customised cables.

Our Premium TFT LCD Manufacturers

Are you searching for long-term available and reliable LCD panels for your individual automation technology? distronik offers TFT LCD displays by well-known manufacturers with a wealth of experience for industrial automation and monitor applications.

  • TFT panels 5,7" - 26"
  • extended temperature range
  • long-term deliverable
  • Ultra High Definition displays
  • optimal price
  • LCD TFT 5,7" - 27"
  • G-Series for industry
  • wide temperature range
  • TN- & MVA technology
  • Long-term deliverable
  • semi customised LCD
  • sunlight readable
  • bonded touch versions
  • PCAP touch displays
  • cost-effective

TFT LCD Manufacturers

Our TFT panel producers have a lot of experience and rank among the market leaders of industrial LCD display panels. Our TFT LCD displays are known for best product and image quality, contrast, response time and long-term deliverability. As a VAR (value added reseller) distronik offers LCD TFT controller boards and customised cables in addition.

Enormous Selection of LCD Panels and Control Units

Whether a small or a big LCD panel with a high or low resolution is needed, the huge selection of different TFT displays enables several possibilities. The display panels are available from 5,7 up to 27 inches and with a resolution up to 1920x1200 pixels. Every TFT panel is solid, has a high brightness level and a quick reaction time. distronik configures a LCD panel solution including a TFT panel controller board (e.g. HDMI, VGA, DVI, Video and DVI) and cables. The high-quality components used are solely those of well-known TFT manufacturers.

Bestseller: TFT LCD Display Panel 7 + 10 inch

The small TFT widescreen LCD displays are often used for industrial applications. Of course th 7" & 10" models can be delivered with an additional LCD controller or as an TFT monitor

TFT Display - LCD Panel - Spectrum

  • great image quality! LCD display from 5,7" up to 27" diagonal
  • resolution from 640x480 up to 1920x1080 pixels (FHD)
  • high contrast, quick reaction time
  • TFT panels normaly available from stock
  • LED backlight, LED driver integrated
  • LVDS panels with bonded touchscreen (touch panel) as touch displays with PCAP or resistive touch.
  • UHD 4K2K displays
  • transflective TFT panels
  • ultra LCD widescreen
  • TFT kits, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort
  • LVDS / RGB controllers (controller boards)
  • Accessories like LVDS & LED backlight cables

LCD TFT panel accessories and solutions

LCD TFT Controller Board for industrial applications
  • RGB analogue (VGA) + DVI
  • VGA - DVI - Displayport
  • HDMI
  • super slim
LCD TFT display with fitting controller boards
  • proven - tested
  • every display panel
  • every controller board
  • also customised


TFT LCD with bonded PCAP touchscreen
  • with or w/ coverglass
  • directly bonded
  • controller I²C + USB
  • 7", 10,1", 12,1", 15"
LVDS cable for industrial TFT LCD panels
  • LVDS cable
  • also IPEX connector
  • LED cable
  • customised

Individual LCD Panels

Some companies have individual demands and requirements on their LCD panels and that`s why our liquid crystal displays are so individual. We offer individualised display solutions for nearly every requirement.

  • Kit with LCD modules with controller cards and cable set

  • Flat TFT panel combined with industrial single board computers, fitting firmware and cable set included

  • Touchscreens for every LCD panel

  • Multimedia and digital signage solutions

  • Customised cables

  • Industrial Monitors "Made in Germany"

  • Transflective + individualised TFT display solutions

The drive electronics, cable sets and display systems, available at distronik, are perfectly adapted to your individual wishes and requirements. These display kits are not only compiled, but also tested. The advantages are clear: easy and quick installation of your industrial display and control electronics. The components of our display kits work perfectly together so you don`t have to matter about it.

The biggest advantage of our display solution is that you only have one supplier. That guarantees operative TFT display kits for your visualisation systems.

Computer and Visualisation Systems

The combination of a thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD) with an embedded single-board computer enables a high-performance industrial PC system with display. Every of our TFT panels is produced in cooperation with our partner Beck Elektronik in Germany and tested under real, rough industrial conditions. This makes it possible for us to guarantee a high-quality, reliable and individually compiled computer and industrial TFT panel systems.

Advantages of thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal displays:

  • High contrast level, IPS, MVA or TN-version
  • Quick reaction time, >5ms
  • Small pixel sizes enabled with active matrix technology
  • High energy-efficiency
  • Upgradable to touch panel
  • Combinable with various computer systems
  • Many different fields of application

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