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19" Rack Mount Monitor - Front Bezel for Chassis Monitors

Upgrade your Industrial Monitor with a Front Bezel

Rack-monitors have standardised dimensions, so they can be easily integrated into switchboards and drawers. The dimensions are stated in rack unit or U (1U=1.752”/44.50mm).

The front plates are available in 7 or 8 U for our industry monitors and can be added to an existing monitor. Our standard Front-Plates are obtainable in silver anodized aluminium.

These front-plates are also procurable in polished stainless steel or lacquered sheet steel (every RAL colour) with additional holes for grab handles.

  • cost-effective
  • short delivery times
  • 24/7 operation
  • touchscreen or protection glass

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Panel Mounting

If you need other cut-out dimensions, you can request a customised front-plate with your individual measurements.

We are able to get your individual front plate made from an order quantity from 10 peaces.

You have the choice: colour, dimensions, mounting method and matrial thickness.

And the best: It´s not that expensive than you expect.

Rack mount LCD for 19" rack

Our Opportunities

  • Front Panels – 19” Rack-Technology
  • Individual measurements for panel mounting
  • Customised Front Plates >10pcs.
  • With or w/o anti-reflection coated ESD protection glass
  • Front sealing IP54, IP65
  • Sheet steel powder coated (RAL-Colours)
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium anodised
Panel mount monitors with additional front bezel

Customised Front Panels for Industrial Monitors:

  • >10 pieces
  • One-off costs ~ 300€ for drafting
  • Measurements, material
  • Colour
  • With or w/o protection glass
  • Screen print

Every Industrial TFT Monitor by distronik is upgradable with customised Front Panels. Please send us your request or call us for more information. It would be a favour for us to compile your individual order.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

You can also send us your request as a file.

Thank you for your inquiry. We want to answer quickly and accurately and need following information:

  • Article, product description, application
  • Number of pieces

Only with this information we can answer quickly and qualified to make you an offer. Thank you very much!

Please note that we only supply to:

  • Commercial customers

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