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GFG Touch Screen for extreme rough applications

GFG touchscreen (Glass Film Glass touch sensor) – only advantages

The glass film glass technology is a further development of the resistive touch technology. In contrast to conventional resistive touchscreens, GFG touch screens have a glass surface. This makes the glass film glass touch very strong and durable. But you have every advantage of the resistive technology.

GFG touch screens are operable with fingers, pens and gloves. The glass surface makes the glass-film-glass sensor very durable and scratch resistant. The same applies to aggressive fluids like blood, alkalis and acids. This makes the GFG perfectly usable for food industry and medical technology.

Rough and dusty surroundings are no barriers for the GFG touch screen sensor. Dust and other hard particles can damage a plastic surface but the hard glass of the GFG is mostly resistant against scratches and even against flying sparks during welding operations.

And the best: GFGs are as easily integrable as “normal” resistive touch-sensors with plastic surface. The simple sealability of glass film glass touch-screens is another advantage for rough industrial surroundings.

What is available?

Glass film glass touch-screen sensors are available in 4- and 5-wire technology for every TFT LCD panel from 4.3 to 17.0 inches. Customised solutions are perfectly feasible – we`ll be pleased to advice you.

GFG - Glass Film Glass - Advantages

  • robust and scratch resistant
  • resistant against flying sparks
  • extreme long lifetime
  • resistant against aggressive fluids like:
    • blood, alcohol, alkalis and acids
  • operable with finger, pen and gloves
  • sealable and extended temperature range
Glass film glass touch screen construction

GFG construction

The basis of every glass film glass touchscreen is an ITO coated glass (variable thickness). An indium tin oxide (ITO) polyester foil is installed on top. In between are spacers which create the distance among the ITO layers.

The last step is the bonding of a micro glass (0,2mm) to the surface. This micro glass is available in clear or AR-coated glass. The GFG touch sensor is finished.

Glass film glass touch-sensor construction with ITO coating.

Useful upgrades for GFG Touchscreens

A great feature of GFG touch sensitive sensors is the easy integration of filters (e.g. sunlight readability). A glass-film-glass touch screen with a filter for better sunlight readability combined with a sunlight readable TFT LCD panel is the perfect setup for outdoor applications.

For very sensible operations is an “EMI Wire Mesh” optional available. This EMI Wire Mesh minimises incoming and outgoing interferences of your device. Such an extension is needed for military and measuring instrument technology .

Sunlight readable GFG touch screen sensor for outdoor usage.

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