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Projected Capacitive Touchscreen - Multi-touch 4 and 10 finger operation

Projective Capacitive Touchscreen (PCAP/PCT)

The PCAP touch screen technology is the newest generation of capacitive touchscreens, a further development of the surface capacitive touch. PCAP touch screens are usually used for consumer products like smartphones or tablets. The PCT touchscreen enables new and revolutionary technical and usage possibilities. Industrial customers profit from that.

Multi-touch is an established term – the projected capacitive touchscreen technology makes it possible.

PCAP Panel – projected capacitive touch-screen directly bonded to screen

What does PCAP Display mean? A projected capacitive touch sensor is directly bonded to the LCD display – the carefree PCAP TFT panel solution!

And the best: You don`t need a cleanroom or an external company to bond the projective capacitive sensors to the LCD TFT panel. We offer a fully assembled PCAP touchscreen with LCD panel –of course cost-effective and professionally crafted. A perfect capacitive touch panel solution.

Functioning of PCAP LCD Panels


The projective capacitive technology has on both sides of the basis glass conductive stripes which are isolated with the glass.


The not visible ITO electrodes which conduct electricity are arranged diamond shaped or as a matrix shifted by 90 degrees.

On both sides of the electrodes voltage is applied whereby a mutual capacitance arises.

This procedure makes it possible to determine precisely and reliably the exact point of touch.

A cover glass is glued on both coated glass sides. (Touch screen behind glass)

PCT touch sensor directly bonded to TFT panel

distronik offers standard printed PCAP display panels from 7” (800x480) over 10,1” (1280x800) up to 12,1” (1024x768) with black frame. Short-term deliverability with small order quantity as well is one of the main features of our PCAP touch modules. Other screen sizes are also available. (upon request)

PCT Panel - slim and elegant design





Projective capacitive displays are available in several versions. It`s your choice.

  • 5,7" to 12,1"
  • Touch directly bonded to LCD TFT display
  • some standard panels
  • customised >50 pieces
  • with cover glass and printed frame
  • without cover glass, for further processing
  • USB or I²-Bus controller on the display, chip on foil, or external
  • Standard or EVA-technology, sunlight-readable

Customised PCAP touchscreen

The PCT touch-screens are perfectly appropriate for customised solutions. There are many possibilities for customisation (e.g. individual colour of frame and company logo) from 50 pieces or more.

  • Individual cover glass thickness
  • Dimensions
  • Frame colour + logo
  • Multi-touch (2-, 4- or 10-point)

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