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Industrial Chassis Monitor – Excellent Quality at a excellent Price


Chassis-Monitors for all suroundings

You have rough industrial surroundings but nevertheless want a high-resolution and a significant mechanism? We have the ideal solution with our chassis monitors. Depending on the scope of application there are screen sizes from 15” to 27” with Full HD resolution available. Every TFT monitor is equipped with DVI, RGB, VGA and optional DisplayPort interface.


 The big diversity of interfaces is perfect for a combination with a Digital Signage Player by Axiomtek. Every device is powered by 12 VDC voltage. If you need chassis LCD`s with less smaller dimensions we can recommend the Open Frame TFT monitors from our company. By the way our Open Frame TFT`s are based on LCD panels of our premium manufactors. The chassis monitors are also available with touch-technology. The eyelets make it easy to mount the chassis monitor to front-cuttings.

Of course we also have front plates for your chassis monitor. Our Front-Panels are designed for 19” Rack-Technology supplied with screws for our Chassis-Monitors. If you order more than 10 Front Plates we can design your user-specific front panel. Distronik prefers aluminium plates in eloxed black or silver but there are also stainless steel or powdered steel versions available.

  • Easy Integration, Quick "Time to Market"
  • Safety - same design for years
  • Robust & reliable
  • Manufacturing DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Every device runs a 24h function test before delivery
  • Construction + production within the corporate group
  • Excellent quality and perfect price/performance ratio
  • Competence + Contact person on-site
  • Short-term availability!
  • 24 / 7 operation possible
  • ≥ 1 piece orderable

The mechanic is designed for easy mounting of the chassis-monitors in a front-cutting or of an optional front-plate.

The number of mounting points depends on the size of the Chassis Monitor . The bigger the monitor the more mounting points are needed to hold it safely on the front panel. This feature makes it easy to build a waterproof monitor with an IP65 rating.

The mechanic of the chassis-monitors is construed and produced in Germany. Only highly valuable galvanised and deburred tin is used so you don`t have sharp edges. A perfectly elaborated concept for industrial efforts.

If there`s a display no longer available we organise the adaptation for the new model. The build-in dimensions stay the same but most times the technology of the displays will be way better.

If we don`t have the proper Chassis-Monitor for you, we can  develop a customised chassis-monitor for your individual scope of application, if your ordered quantity per year is bigger than 50 units.

distronik will assort your desired Chassis Monitor.

And the best: it´s not that expensive as you may think.

Just request your individual chassis monitor and we`ll proof, if your configuration is economically and technically manageable.

Industrial chassis-monitors are powered by a 12VDC jack socket. Appropriate cables with connectors and power adapters are deliverable.

PC-graphic-connectors like standard VGA-analogue, DVI or industrial DisplayPort are directly available.

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